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Sustainability in Benidorm

Hidraqua uses in Benidorm Optimizer, the leading tool in water network optimization

Sustainability in Benidorm

Hidraqua has launched in Benidorm a pilot test of Optimizer, a unique software that allows network administrators to identify the best way to allocate economic resources. This tool combines the performance of metaheuristic methods with those of hydraulic modeling systems to calculate thousands of scenarios in just a few hours. The results obtained allow the identification of those networks, drinking water and sewerage, that need to be renovated or that require some type of action to improve the performance and operation of the network, in terms of supply security, water quality and customer service levels. It also improves transparency in decision-making, reducing risks and avoiding excessive costs. In this way, the company manages to optimise its investments by acting exactly on the most conflictive points.

"Each component of the drinking water and sewerage infrastructure must provide a certain level of technical and economic performance, which depends to a large extent on how facilities are designed, maintained and renovated. Optimizer, a tool of the Suez group to which Hidraqua belongs, offers the necessary solution to perfect the total volume of investment and the performance of the infrastructure (consumption, compliance, operation)" said Javier Díez, manager of Hidraqua.

Hidraqua's commitment to innovation is reflected in other projects that allow us to control the state of the networks in real time, act immediately in the event of any incident, optimise processes and inform the client in real time of any matter related to their water contract, among others.