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'Hung Galaxy' by the Taiwanese artist Hung Yi arrives to Benidorm

The works of art of this exhibition will be shared around Benidorm, in the Plaza de la Hispanidad, Gambo Street, Mediterranean Avenue, and the Armada Española Avenue

'Hung Galaxy' by the Taiwanese artist Hung Yi arrives to Benidorm

The 'Hung Galaxy' will be in Benidorm from this Friday, the 16th of April, until mid october. The exhibition has fourteen bright coloured sculptures inspired by Taiwan's culture and daily life.

Up until now, you could find this exhibition in the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia (Spain). Now that it's in Benidorm, you can find four of the sculptures in the Plaza de la Hispanidad, two in Gambo Street, six in the Mediterranean Avenue, and another two in the Armada Española Avenue, in Poniente Beach.

'Hung Galaxy' brings to Benidorm's streets a colourful explosion that takes shape with huge creations. By taking this exhibition to the streets, Benidorm is becoming an open-air museum which will help to attract both residents and visitors, and therefore restore the city's normal situation and leave behind the emptiness that the pandemic has left us.

Each sculpture weighs around 1,000 kilos (157 stone 6.6 lb), and some of them are more than 6 metre (19 ft 8.2 inches) tall. Hung Yi has painted all of them as if they were a comic, with the influence of Picasso, Dalí, or Miró.

More about the artist

Hung Yi was born in Taiwan in 1970. Even though he is self-taught, he's one of the most prestigious artists of the East. In the recent years, he's been very prolific in urban art.

The 'Hung Galaxy' exhibition has also been displayed in the United States (San Francisco, Washington and New York), in Japan (Tokyo) and China (Shanghai). After its exposition in Benidorm, it will be shown in the Paseo del Prado in Madrid.