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XVIII Crossing to swim Island - Port de Benidorm

A reference point for swimming crossings between swimmers.

XVIII Crossing to swim Island - Port de Benidorm

On August 25 will start a new edition of the crossing to swim island - port of Benidorm. The participation is planned in 350 swimmers, of which 88 are women. The inscription "on line" was opened the past day 1 of August, being exhausted the same ones to the 2 hours of its opening. The security operation will have more than 33 kayakers, 4 jet skis, 9 motorboats and the invaluable presence of the local beach police and security coordinator, Jesus Lacalle.

The withdrawal of bibs by the participants, will begin at 7'00 hours and the start is scheduled for 8'15 hours, it is expected that the first swimmers will arrive at the beach of Mal Pas, where the goal arch is located, about 45 minutes after the start. The maximum time to finish the course is set at 2 hours, from the time of departure.

Once the race is over, the participants will be able to regain strength in the refreshment station that will be set up for this purpose in the esplanade of the Yacht Club. Later the trophies will be delivered to the first 3 classified of each category and to the club with greater participation.