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The Fountains of the Nile in Terra Mítica

The Terra Mítica theme park premieres a show.

The Fountains of the Nile in Terra Mítica

This Saturday, August 3, the thematic park Terra Mítica presents a night show that will be responsible for putting the golden broach to the day of fun until August 31.

The Fountains of the Nile is the name of this magical show that tells the story of Jnum, the Egyptian god creator of men, who tired of the selfishness of men, decides to close the sources of the Nile condemning humanity to famine and drought. After several years, a young mortal named Nailah begs the god in person to stop the punishment.

This incredible multimedia show will take place every night on the Great Lake of Terra Mítica, at 22:15 hours, and will feature the participation of about twenty artists from different disciplines and the latest technology synchronized with each other.

Laser devices that project on a water screen figures and forms that are an active part of history, pyrotechnics, games of lights, more than 60000 W of sound, dances and struggles over water . . . are some of the many special effects that await the visitor of Terra Mítica in the summer nights of the theme park from Saturday 3rd August to 31st August.