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Terra Mítica welcomes the Summer

Five new shows will have the amusement park

Terra Mítica welcomes the Summer

Terra Mítica begins the summer season with many novelties. The thematic complex of the Costa Blanca, which already opens its doors uninterruptedly every day of the week, extends its schedule from Saturday 6 July until 21:00 and will be in the month of August until 22:30.

But these are not the only novelties offered by the park to its visitors in the summer season, but will also count, from Saturday July 6, with 5 new shows in the 5 thematic areas that make up the complex: Egypt, Greece, The Islands, Rome and Iberia:

Villa Tristona. The temple of Kur-Kur, located in the area of Egypt, will host this musical designed for the whole family where visitors can enjoy original songs performed live. The show tells the story of a people whose citizens are condemned, by law, to sadness and perpetual melancholy until the young Leonilde decides to rebel and end that cruel decree of the Pharaoh.

Pegasus: This is a novel show that tells the story of the brave winged horse, Zeus' favourite. To do so, it uses a technique never seen before in any thematic complex in Spain: sand drawings. The architect of this singular method, Kimberly Lester, is a young and experienced acrobat, coming from a long line of artists being her fourth generation. On a backlit table, Lester will create authentic works of art using only her hands and sand. Her drawings will be projected live on a large screen to the delight of the audience.

Cosmogony: in Rome, the youngest members of the household will attend the moment of creation narrated by a singular character of abstract aesthetics. This being represents the shapeless mass that resulted after the chaos and that, little by little, will evolve until it becomes the first link in the chain of life. Music and live and video projections make this puppet show an authentic fantasy for the whole family.

Barbarossa, the Zareen rebellion: The most feared corsair in the Mediterranean returns to Terra Mítica, and on this occasion will have to face the ruthless Berkant and his inseparable accomplice, the beautiful Zareen. Barbarossa's crew - Burak, Uluj Ali, Hamza and company - return to the attack with an adventure. Barbarossa is considered Spain's longest-running and most spectacular stunt show. In addition to the performance skills of its cast, it has an auditorium in the purest Hollywood set style, where a pirate town is recreated and where an imposing boat with a length of more than 12 metres is found. The special effects are a maxim in this show making use of pyrotechnics for the cannons as well as other effects such as the fall of the mast of the ship or the sinking of it. About 20 specialists from different disciplines make possible the realization of this unique show.

Oniros: The Pandora Auditorium located in the area of the Terra Mítica Islands is the place where this magical spectacle is represented that narrates the history of the "oniros", the mythological beings in charge of recreating dreams in the minds of men. It is one of the most eagerly awaited shows and has a great variety of circus numbers such as "the Chinese sticks", "straps" or aerial acrobatics on fabrics and tightrope, the great novelty never seen before in Terra Mítica. The show, which also uses cutting-edge technology such as video projection or black light to enhance the story and each of its numbers, has the participation of a large group of artists and acrobats of international stature such as Sarah Macaggi, "daughter of the circus" - mother dancer and father acrobat - whose family owns the prestigious Wonderland circus.