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Фальяс Бенидорме 2024

The greatest party of Valencia


We invite you to get to know this tradition with us, the Valencian festival par excellence, a and colourful spectacle.

In March in Benidorm we are celebrating with that the spring arrives. The streets are filled with light, colour and fire... the Fallas of Benidorm arrive!

We invite you to get to know this tradition with us, the Valencian festival, a spectacle of colour and showiness!



During five days the castles, mascletás and monuments are again the protagonists of Benidorm, where the smell of gunpowder is mixed with the finest fragrances of flowers and the music of the bands with the sound of mascletás. A whole transformation presenting the spring.

There are three falla commissions: Falla Centro (Plaza Doctor Fleming) , Falla Rincón (Av. Ametlla de Mar, frente Burguer King) y Falla “Els Tolls” (c/Tomás Ortuño), which are in charge of planting their falla constructions in their respective districts.  Offerings and parades are the most significant acts, culminating the festival on the 19th with "LA CREMÁ".Fire, music, illusions that die and the creation of new ideas of overcoming...

This is the cremá, consummation of efforts, to erase in the pages of three hundred sixty-five days of work and love to the celebration, to write down the day 20 the first illusion of the new year.The people continue to sing and dance, while the fire turns the art and the party into fireworks.

You can download the brochure here